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 Elemental Void

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PostSubject: Elemental Void   Elemental Void EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 2:29 pm

[size=150]Elemental Void Factions Page[/size]

Founded on 6/24/10

Founder : iamawesome
Follow all Ed rules.
No dummying.
No account trading.
No cheating.
Dont come and leave.
Elemental Void Elementalvoid 6/26/10 Elemental Void Elementalvoidwins 6/28/10Elemental Void 2spotsopen7/3/10Elemental Void Elementalvoidinjuly7/12/10
Lvl 29-31
50 wins or more a day
Be loyal
Do not donate until 500 wins or you shall be kicked.
350 wins a week or you will be kicked. Consider this a warning.
Saving tokens for now.
And have fun.

FACTION: trust me it will be competitive and super fun! i will hold contests and the winner gets a prize Must join to find out what prize is but you cannot tell anyone

About me:
I have been in many many factions and learned many things. As leader, I will try my best to hold it up and keep it strong.I got no idea what flag will be yet but it will be epic. I can get at least 100 days a day and if i dont meet my reqs you dont need too. I will not use slang anymore and help my fellow members. Join and you will not regret it. You can count on me.

Alliance : None left old one

Sig: Elemental Void 95227210 thx to mastermind
Elemental Void's Forums banner : Elemental Void Elementalvoid~SMGS
Flag: Elemental Void FlagsqElemental Void Capturedflag
Family Photos Elemental Void Elementalvoidrocks thats us getting ready for 1v1 Very Happy

Leaderboards: Elemental Void ElementalVoid got it today with 12 people Very HappyElemental Void ElemVoidElemental Void FactionyElemental Void 3rdg We are 3rd place and going for 1st today Very Happy look at flag we are first. Elemental Void Firstplacefaction lol i just realized... it looks like we are sloooooooooooowly advancing lol from like 11th to 7th to 3rd to 2nd to 1st 0_0Elemental Void 1v1leaderfaction we werent planning on this at all but since so many officers were back i was doing 2v2 the whole time and beastzz was flooding oz with meows and some how we got it Very Happy Elemental Void 80355315

On 6/27/10 captured flag and still have it.
On 6/28/10 won first 1v1 badge
6/28/10 top officer sky blade 24 won 1v1 champ
7/2/10 won 2nd place in 1v1 faction
7/12/10 first place in 1v1 leaderboards
7/12/10 lots of officers are back from vacation and ready to fight.
7/12/10 recruited ENDING
7/13/10 Won 2nd 1v1 badge.
7/14/10 2 people left making us lose our WD :/

EDIT: Moved to correct forum

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Elemental Void
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