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 Elemental Void

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PostSubject: Elemental Void   Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:29 pm

[size=150]Elemental Void Factions Page[/size]

Founded on 6/24/10

Founder : iamawesome
Follow all Ed rules.
No dummying.
No account trading.
No cheating.
Dont come and leave.
6/26/10 6/28/107/3/107/12/10
Lvl 29-31
50 wins or more a day
Be loyal
Do not donate until 500 wins or you shall be kicked.
350 wins a week or you will be kicked. Consider this a warning.
Saving tokens for now.
And have fun.

FACTION: trust me it will be competitive and super fun! i will hold contests and the winner gets a prize Must join to find out what prize is but you cannot tell anyone

About me:
I have been in many many factions and learned many things. As leader, I will try my best to hold it up and keep it strong.I got no idea what flag will be yet but it will be epic. I can get at least 100 days a day and if i dont meet my reqs you dont need too. I will not use slang anymore and help my fellow members. Join and you will not regret it. You can count on me.

Alliance : None left old one

Sig: thx to mastermind
Elemental Void's Forums banner : ~SMGS
Family Photos thats us getting ready for 1v1 Very Happy

Leaderboards: got it today with 12 people Very Happy We are 3rd place and going for 1st today Very Happy look at flag we are first. lol i just realized... it looks like we are sloooooooooooowly advancing lol from like 11th to 7th to 3rd to 2nd to 1st 0_0 we werent planning on this at all but since so many officers were back i was doing 2v2 the whole time and beastzz was flooding oz with meows and some how we got it Very Happy

On 6/27/10 captured flag and still have it.
On 6/28/10 won first 1v1 badge
6/28/10 top officer sky blade 24 won 1v1 champ
7/2/10 won 2nd place in 1v1 faction
7/12/10 first place in 1v1 leaderboards
7/12/10 lots of officers are back from vacation and ready to fight.
7/12/10 recruited ENDING
7/13/10 Won 2nd 1v1 badge.
7/14/10 2 people left making us lose our WD :/

EDIT: Moved to correct forum

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Elemental Void
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