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 How do factions work

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PostSubject: How do factions work   Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:15 pm

Factions create a conflict within the game greater than just player vs player. To rise to and maintain rank at the top of the faction leaderboards, players must form groups of active players and continue to earn battle victories.

Here are a few additional things to note about the way factions work:

Earning Influence
1. All Faction members earn 5 influence for winning a battle
2. Faction members may deposit Battle Tokens earned through battle victories into Faction flags scattered across Delta V to attempt to control it
3. Factions holding flags earn 200 influence per hour for each hour they hold the flag. This is multiplied by the number of flags held by the Faction
4. Factions on the War leaderboard are taxed at the end of each day for a certain percentage of their total influence. These tax percentages are viewable by clicking the "?" button in the top right of the screen while on the War board
5. Losing does not hurt your influence

Losing Influence
1. Your Faction will lose 20 Influence if any of your players run away in battle
2. Your Faction loses a minimum of 20 Influence points if a player leaves your faction
3. Your Faction loses a minimum of 20 Influence points if a player is booted out of your faction
4. Players who have contributed Battle Tokens to Capture Points will result in an additional influence tax if they leave or are booted from the Faction. This tax is equal to the number of Battle Tokens contributed by the player X 10, up to a maximum of 10,000 influence

Losing Influence
1. Your Faction will receive a Faction headquarter upon creation! This headquarters is themed base on the alignment selected (Legion or Exile). You can jump to your headquarters at any time through the Faction manager.
2. Only members from your own Faction may enter your headquarters.
3. Each headquarters contains a messageboard that is open to all members to post news, comments, or triumphs. It can also be used to access the War board.
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How do factions work
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