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 Trying to get into a Faction

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Death Gigas
Death Gigas

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Trying to get into a Faction Empty
PostSubject: Trying to get into a Faction   Trying to get into a Faction EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 1:45 pm

Hey there, are you new to "FACTIONS" and not sure how exactly to get into one? Well here are a few tips to make it easier.

1. Provide Information-This includes your stats,wins,skills,etc.Don't just say "I WANNA JOIN A FACTION"with no information.

2. Provide Experience-What factions you've been in,how long you were in them,and your contributions.

3. Make yourself look good,don't list bad things about you...the point is to get in a faction not to make them run away from you.

Well I hope this simple list helps you in the future.

~Death Gigas~
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Celestial Plasma

Celestial Plasma

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Trying to get into a Faction Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trying to get into a Faction   Trying to get into a Faction EmptyFri Aug 20, 2010 2:59 am

Here is an example ( Under no circumstances am I joining another Faction. )

-in-game name: Celestial Plasma

-Class: (Battle) Tech Mage.

-Current level: Level 31

-Experience: Too much Very Happy

-Wins: Over 2,500 1v1 losses, around 1k losses. Maybe.

-Factions: Celestial Magics, and Still StAnDiNg.

-Stats below.

-Health: 100
-Energy: 50
-Strength: 40
-Dexterity: 40 +26
-Technology: 40 +27
-Support: 50 +23

-Current weapons below.

-Primary: Imperial Battle Axe, +31 energy damage.
-Sidearm: Imperial ACP, +29 physical damage.
-Auxiliary: Beta Bazooka, +31 energy damage.

-My current skill tree below.

-Field Medic: level 1
-Defence Matrix: level 1
-Plasma Bolt: level 1
-Technician: level 1
-Bludgeon: level 1
-Overload: level 1
-Malfunction: level 10
-Reroute: level 6
-Plasma Rain: level 1
-Super Charge: level 0
-Deadly Aim: level 10

That isn't probably in the "Right." Order, but its so detailed it doesn't matter. Very Happy

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Trying to get into a Faction
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