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 Report Abuse Policy

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Report Abuse Policy Empty
PostSubject: Report Abuse Policy   Report Abuse Policy EmptyWed Sep 08, 2010 2:56 pm

From this point forward, any blatantly accusatory threads that don't provide proof and appear to exist for no purpose other than to get another player in unfounded trouble will be locked. Additionally, any forum user who continues to make such threads will be dealt with on a 'Two strike' basis: you will be warned via private message to desist, and those who disregard said PM will be temp-banned from the forums.

The Report Abuse section does not exist so that angry people can get someone else banned; they exist so that improper behavior can be dealt with quickly and calmly. This policy is being implemented due to the immature attitudes of some of the individuals here; I don't like instituting such a policy when not everyone behaves badly, but the few who do abuse the Reporting threads are perverting the purpose of this section. This includes people who want to start discussions in a Report thread when its honestly none of their business; leave it alone, that's why the staff is here.

Additionally, post full screenshots. We don't want evidence that has been edited to display only certain parts of the picture. This isn't hard; in fact, it takes more effort to edit a picture. When we see that, we wonder if the reason you went to the trouble to edit is because something else is going on you don't want us to know about. If you don't know how to make a screenshot, ask someone or use "Search" to find one of the many threads explaining how to do this.

You have been warned. The excuse "But I didn't know" will not fly here; if you aren't mature enough to read a stickied thread clearly outlining staff policy, then you aren't mature enough to coexist with your fellow forum-goers.
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Report Abuse Policy
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